:: IT and e waste recycling ::


e-wasteComputers and other electronic equipment are made from hundreds of different materials. Many of these materials are inherently valuable, such as gold and platinum, and many are non-renewable. If they can be extracted they can be reused in manufacture again as a 'secondary' raw material.



There are also some nasties in e-waste. Heavy metals including lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic are used in electronic equipment. When disposed of they can leach from landfill tips into the water table. Brominated-flame retardants used in computer equipment are both an occupational and environmental health threat. Printer inks and toners often contain toxic materials such as carbon black and cadmium. It is these environmental health implications that have put e-waste under the spotlight of international governments and environmentalists alike.


computer screens wastePacific Metal Group Pty Ltd can help corporations when they have I.T and Electronic waste for disposal. We can provide all the materials necessary to remove these items in an environmentally friendly manner, and guarantee that they are recycled correctly and not just dumped in landfill sites. Companies are issued a certificate by Pacific Metal Group Pty Ltd which identifies them as Environmentally Responsible Company by utilizing this critical service. We not only welcome enquiries about this service, but we encourage everyone to be responsible when disposing this grade of waste.