:: Environmental policy::


Pacific Metal Group recognises that protection of the environment is an extremely important aspect within the company’s operations and a necessary element of good corporate citizenship.

Pacific Metal Group is committed to implementing systems and procedures to facilitate the adoption and maintenance of sound environmental management and operating practices and to ensure the continual improvement of environmental performance.

Pacific Metal Group’s Environmental Management System will operate to maintain a formalised method of control and minimise the environmental impact of all of the company’s activities.

Pacific Metal Groups environmental objectives are:

  • To exceed the level of environmental performance required for regulatory compliance
  • To establish and maintain environmentally responsible waste management and waste disposal practices
  • To improve the efficiency of energy use
  • To minimise harm to flora and fauna
  • To store all materials in a manner that reduces their potential release to the atmosphere, soil or water
  • To reduce the potential for environmental harm in emergency situations by responding effectively to any emergency using trained personnel and formalised emergency plans
  • To ensure that subcontractors and suppliers conform to relevant requirements of our Environmental Policy
  • To promote the adoption of sound environmental practices by all personnel through the improvement of overall environmental awareness
  • Pacific Metal Group will provide the resources required for achieving effective environmental management, and by so doing give both the client and the community an assurance of their sound environmental performance.